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Tax Efficient Property Disposal Solutions
Tax Efficient Property Disposal Solutions

Why Give More Money To HMRC Than You Need To?

Have you got friends or contacts who sold their business, and the lion’s share of the deal went to HMRC? We have the biggest tax burden in the UK since the 1940s, as households, and the business owners are paying the very biggest slices of all! We can offer a tax-efficient sale – not evasion, not avoidance – simply good, common sense tax planning for the proceeds from your business sale, and the same approach to ensure those proceeds are as generous as possible.

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Should HMRC be taking a huge bite out of the apple before you use funds from the sale of your business to fund a well-deserved retirement? With inflation raging in the UK economy, we all need the best offer we can get – and the best offer takes your tax position into consideration. Retirement usually means fixed income and the best options for that fixed income are the ones that keep the HMRC wolf from the door.

Is it time to move to that dream property on the coast, or even abroad? A good, tax-efficient business sale with people who do what they say they are going to do, can help you achieve that. All those sacrifices made during long hours, working for yourself, with limited or no support from the government – is it time to repay that favour and make sure you get the rewards you deserve from your business sale?

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Is The Market Going To Turn?

The next recession is around the corner, according to the Bank of England and the media. After recent price rises across the whole of the UK, is now a smart time to cash in on those and sell your business? The best prices are being agreed and paid at the moment, we might not see a market this good for another decade or more! Discuss a valuation for your business today and see what you could do before this market turns.

Simple Personalised Property Portfolio Sale

You’ve done the hard work. Built the company. Survived the recessions, and the banks changing the goalposts all the time. Looking to sell before the next drama – Brexit, Covid, The cost of living, Energy…..what next!?

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You could break down every single property in your portfolio, refurbish them when they become empty, and sell them off with an agent on the open market. This would probably get you the best price, but take years, and years, to do. Sales will fall through, prices will change, the market will change – and all the time the council will be asking for their council tax! Instead, by selling to one straightforward buyer, you can enjoy a simple sale and a great result for you and your beneficiaries.

With the effort, blood, sweat and tears of building a portfolio of assets – all of that to sell it to a faceless buyer, or through an auction?

Your property business is your legacy and whilst you may walk away with a handsome sum, we know that many business owners want to know their creation is left in good hands. You don’t want someone who is going to break up the company, or simply strip the assets – or someone who will jack up the prices and leave the tenants out of money at the end of every month.

Speak with us – we have bought and protected legacy assets in the past and by doing what we say we are going to do, have a book of satisfied clients who have left these testimonials:

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Quick and Simple Property Solutions

Quick and Simple were a pleasure to deal with. We got to a fair price very quickly, and then got an extremely complicated transaction over the line in less than half the time I would have expected! I am looking to sell more properties to Quick and Simple and they are definitely my first port of call for property sales in the future.

Quick and Simple Property Solutions

Quick and simple did what they said they would do - they made it Quick and Simple! I was very happy with the way they kept me informed throughout the process, and their professional services team were very professional, and replied quickly. I was able to sell my share in my business and move on quickly, which is what I wanted (and needed) to do.

Quick and Simple Property Solutions
Dr. A

After a sale falling through twice, finally we found someone who could complete on the transaction - we were delighted with the way that Quick and Simple conducted themselves, and they got us to where we wanted to be with the minimum of fuss. Anything confusing was explained in detail if we wanted it to be, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Quick and Simple for anyone looking to sell any property.

    Do You Have “Trapped Equity” In Your Property Portfolio?

    Do you look at your company accounts and think: If only I saw those profits in my pocket every year! Is your balance sheet holding a healthy amount of net assets, but the monthly fruits of those assets are limited? You can’t eat equity, as the saying goes. We can help you realise the value of your business through an efficient sale, advise on all of the confusing elements, and get to the best outcome for you – releasing those director loans or long-term capital gains on assets.

    Compliance Is Constantly Changing - And It's Going To Get Worse!

    Do you realise there are now over 325 pieces of legislation that apply to private rental property in the UK? And this is increasing every year, not reducing. The difficulty for landlords to operate a solid, honest business model is ratcheting up day by day, month by month, as all the political parties see the asset owners as either cash cows, or punchbags, or both.

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    Have you managed the properties for long enough, being a landlord as well as a social worker, debt collector, problem solver, plumber and interest-free bank? You can leave all of that behind with a straightforward sale of your property company to people you get to know, like and trust during the sale process of your business.

    The Pandemic Has Affected Us All

    How did the pandemic change your life? It meant a different thing to all of us. Many of us looked at what we were doing every day, how hard we had worked to get there, and started to put a different value on that most precious of all of our commodities – our time. If we aren’t careful, it’s gone far too quickly. You can change the quality of the time you have by releasing the profits from your business in a sale, and you get the most powerful of all gifts – options. The option to do whatever you please with the proceeds, apart from anything else!

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    Take A Step Back

    Did you know that 15% of directors of small and medium sized companies are beyond retirement age already? After all that effort, and the risks taken, and the bullets dodged over the years, is it time to make the most of the time that remains?

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    Retirement can bring new freedoms, choice, and be finally time to truly enjoy the fruits of your labour over the years. New hobbies, or extensions of those you’ve never had time to choose. Reading, music, dancing, travel – all will be many steps closer with a business sale to an experienced professional team.

    Estate Planning – Give It To Your Children, Not HMRC!

    It might be time to see your nearest and dearest benefit from anything you want to bequeath them, rather than them inheriting once you have passed. Do you know the average age to inherit in the UK is 61, when it makes a much more limited difference to their lives? A smaller bequest at a younger age could be far more fulfilling – both for you and for them. Is your estate planning all in place? Or will you be making a large contribution to HMRC when you sell your business, or pass on?

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